How Homeowners Can Make Blockout Curtains Pop For Their Living Room

Residents who make the switch to blockout curtains will enjoy their investment for years to come.

Unlike standard offerings that still allow the light to filtering through the windows, these treatments provide an extra layer of thick fabric that cancels all exposure throughout the day.

This gives constituents the chance to create a purely private space where light can be controlled and temperatures can be adapted.

They make for perfect additions to any living room space, but there is a wide degree of variety on show with these goods that has to be appreciated.

In order to make them really pop and provide long-lasting value for families, it is worth following these steps.

Ensure Measurements Are Exact

The first area that residents should focus on when they want to switch to blockout curtains is checking for the exact measurements of the window treatments. By running a tape measure across the length and width of the window, participants will be able to gauge to the nearest millimetre what they require in terms of size context. The slightest miscalculation in this regard can leave clients with a lack of fabric that leaves sunlight exposure invading the space, or too much fabric that is left hanging on the floor to clean up.

Assess The Style Range

Trying to find a set of blockout curtains with the right style dynamic can be a tricky exercise. This is where consumers have to take note of all of the presentations that are on offer from local outlets. It will span from tailored pleat to box pleat, eyelet, goblet, pinch pleat and rod pocket varieties. Some will be in the classical design while modern contemporary creations will give a point of difference for domestic shoppers craving that sleek minimalist approach.

See What Compliments Wall Colours & Décor

The colour scheme is a major component that will help blockout curtains really pop in the living room space. Fortunately, consumers don’t have to stick to dark colours just to ensure that the blockout quality will remain in place. It is an open canvas where collections of red, blue, white, black, maroon, purple, yellow, green and orange styles can be installed. The best approach is to see what colour dynamics are in play with the wall and the surrounding décor items, establishing a warm or cool colour tone that is consistent across the living room space.

Easy Cleaning Solutions

If homeowners want to make blockout curtains truly pop, then they need to be looking their most pristine morning, day and night. It is one of the major selling points for silk, linen and polyester fabrics, helping to leverage a material that is naturally resistant to dust and debris. Whatever the brand happens to be, it is valuable to buy stocks that are comfortable to clean and won’t support dust clinging to the fibers.


Add Lighting Fixtures

Blockout curtains won’t really pop in the true sense of the word if they are left in a dull living room environment. To enjoy these goods for all they have to offer aesthetically, it is worthwhile installing some quality lighting fixtures to add some radiance and vibrancy to the domain. There will be affordable outlets that can be sourced to give the room another dimension, helping to highlight the natural features of the curtains.


There is no question that the living room space is the perfect environment to integrate blockout curtains, giving residents the chance to insulate their home and enjoy a quality entertainment setting for 12 months of the year. Run an online check to see where the nearest suppliers are situated, putting consumers in touch with experienced outlets that know what they are doing with these window treatment collections.


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